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Cruising Christians is a group of bikers who try to be a light in the sometimes dark world.  With our 'here when you need us' attitude we are often seen in our community lending a hand in whatever capacity God calls us to do, whether it's helping at the Gospel Rescue Missions' Thanksgiving and Christmas banquets, blessing motorcycles, or making pancakes for the customers of our local Harley Davidson dealership... we do what we can to help. 

We love ice cream and motorcycles... even the backwards 3 wheeler variety! 

Most importantly, however, is our common familial bond, who is our Father, Jesus Christ.  We share our message and our purpose wherever we go... sometimes we use our voices to do so. 


our chapter leadership:  

My name is Art and I was born in June of 1966 which makes me 52 years old. 

A little about me:  I am a truck driver running between Tucson and Phoenix daily.  I love motorcycles and am heavily involved in both street bike and dirt bike activities, and I am happily happily married to my beautiful wife, Wendy.

There are four ministries that I'm primarily involved in, and that's CMA, Christ Community Cars, AWANAs, and Teen Challenge.  All of these ministries hold a special place in my heart and can usually be found serving with one of them when I'm not at my day job.

I am a bad person that has been changed by Christ and I strive to lead others to a place where Christ can change them as well.

Chapter President

Art McCorkill

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I have been in and out of Tucson most of my life. I have rode motorcycles off and on for nearly 50 years. It was a great day nearly 4 years ago when I found a place where I could have both of my passions in one place (CMA,) serving others and riding a motorcycle. I ride Hondas because they are dependable and affordable. My greatest joy however is being able to share the wonderful things God has done for me in my life with others. In CMA our motto I think says it best, “We are there when you need us, saving the world one heart at a time.”

My life has not always been the greatest just like many others. I have been through loss in my life, many loved ones including a child and a spouse but through it all I could always count on God. I have reinvented myself numerous times been everything from laborer to an associate Pastor. I have done many things but have found the most rewarding is being a servant, and helping others.

So now I do about anything needed for my chapter as well as minister through my church. I teach several adult classes in Sunday school, and I am able to minister on Sunday evening as needed. I am also an assistant chaplain at the Pima County Jail complex twice a month. This last year I was also able to perform two weddings as I am a licensed minister. So as long as I have breath I intend on continuing to help in every way possible. So may God bless each and everyone of you.

Vice President

Tim Spivey

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I've been riding motorcycles since 1992 but I've been a Christian since I was 5 years old, when I learned about Jesus and what he had done for me.  I believed what I had been taught (because it made sense!) and was baptized.  See? The Good News of God is so simple, even a child can understand it! 


In addition to CMA, I'm involved in a veterans service organization, the Missing In America Project (MIAP), serving as the Western Region National Chaplain as well as a Funeral Escort Rider along with my husband, Gary.  I'm also active in my church. 


We moved to Arizona from Texas in 2007, we joined CMA in 2009. We have lived in Rio Rico, Apache Junction, and finally Tucson as Gary took a job at the Tucson VA.  


My prayer for everyone I meet is that they would come to know the love of God in the person of His Son, Jesus.  Myself, I am nothing; I'm a wretched person.  To quote the Apostle Paul " ....Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost."  That's me: the foremost of sinners that I know. If it weren't for God reaching out to me in love, I'd be lost and totally without hope, not only now in this life, but in the life to come. I completely agree with Paul when he says: "Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!"


Liz Bartel

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Hello to all!  I have been a part of CMA for 4 years so far. Cruising Christians Chapter #19 is better than family to me.  Their motto is “we’re here when you need us” and our chapter stands on that. I for one really appreciate the fact that those are not just words to our chapter.

I don’t currently ride due to health issues, but when I did I road a 2002 Honda Shadow American Classic and most recently a 1994 Honda Gold Wing Trike.  I love to ride and will be looking for a trike that offers a smoother ride someday soon.

I am currently teaching a weekly bible study through my church at the women’s Gospel Rescue Mission. I also still counseling several ladies from our previous church, as the pastor there retired.  My husband and I invited the small congregation to our home to continue services, but that did not work out, it seems God had other plans for us.

My hobbies include many crafting projects including the Angel Ministry we have in our chapter.  Once a month we get together to make angel key chains to put on your bike, key ring, cut, or wherever a beautiful little angel is needed.  We take these to events to hand out for free as conversation starters, an easy way to ask someone if they know Christ. Many of us also give them as an addition to our tip at a restaurant, or in a drive through.

I enjoy being a part of God’s bigger work here on this earth.  I know He put me here to help share His Good News about Him any way I can.  CMA helps me go places I would never go to otherwise.



Laurie Spivey

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I am originally from Texas, but my family moved to Arizona when I was young. I grew up in Wickenburg Arizona (most people know of Wickenburg because you go through it to get to Vegas). Tucson has been home since 1983, moved away a couple of times but always returned.

I have been riding motorcycles since the mid 70’s. Started with dirt bikes and moved to street bikes. I’ve always had a passion for Harley’s and now ride a Harley Freewheeler. I joined CMA about 3 years ago after attending a bike blessing. Who knew you could ride a Harley and love Jesus.

I am active with my church, and love volunteering for anything to help the homeless (especially Veterans). I am also involved with organizations that help women and children in domestic violence situations.

My hobbies include making angles for our chapter Angel Ministry, riding my motorcycle, and collecting and passing out hugs whenever I can.

Through some devastating losses and even when I turned my back on Him, God has loved me through so much. 

I love sharing my testimony and having opportunities to show people that we are loved, no matter how broken, by THE ONE who can't be broken!

Road Captain

Michelle Dynge

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My name is Barry and I ride a 2004 Heritage Softail in blue. I went 25 plus years without an accident but just after joining CMA I went down twice in one month, once due to a collision with a deer by my house (the deer refuse treatment and left the scene) and once in a round-a-bout in Chino Valley headed for a CMA camping trip at the Grand Canyon less than two days after getting my Heritage.  Because of this, I picked up the road name "Slider".


I work as a Maintenance Technician at a local school district where I drive around and fix things at different schools and sometimes I get lucky and get to fabricate things out of wood or metal.


I am married to the love of my life, Jennifer, and have 6 kids, 3 from my previous marriage (the older ones) and 3 from my wife's previous marriage (the younger ones) and 4 grandkids.


I love God and try my best to serve Him in whatever situation He puts me in.  I have taken some classes in religious studies through CLI,  have performed a couple of weddings and have a couple more scheduled. It is one of my highest honors in life that I have been able to serve as Chaplain for the Cruising Christians.


Barry Noyce

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     My name is Jennifer and I ride a 2013 CanAm Spyder.  I am the hauler of all our camping gear!  (and boy does this chapter LOVE camping!)  I love this bike because I really don't have to worry about anything but the ride.  I'm a mom, so I am a worrier at heart.  I have had 2 sportsters and a dyna wide glide and miss being on two wheels at times, but I still consider myself a fairly new rider (got licensed a few short years ago) so being able to get the wind in my face without having to worry about keeping myself upright is nice. 

     As the Run for the Son Secretary for our chapter, I am responsible for rallying the troops for the biggest and most important event of our year, and that's our annual Run for the Son ride.  We collect monies all year long to support our CMA ministries and on the first Saturday in May every year, we do a 100 mile ride and at a specific time, given to us by our National leadership, we pray.  When we are praying in Tucson, other chapters around the WORLD are praying during their ride for the exact same thing!  What a powerful experience this is to know that we are all seeking God's mercy on our chapters, our city, the church and more.  Once the prayer has finished, we do what we do best, and that's eat!  We usually have a potluck style picnic and enjoy each other's company while I tally up our donations to report to our National Headquarters.  Last year as a chapter, we collected over $16,000 for Run for the Son!  This just goes to show you that with God, all things are possible!  

     If you would like more info about what Run for the Son is or how to get involved, please email me or visit our national webpage at www.cmausa.org

Run for the Son Secretary

Jennifer Noyce

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