What is 7 soldiers

Seven Soldiers are individuals who contribute a minimum of $7/month to general donations.

These donations are vital to the ministry as they are funds we can utilize in areas not covered by Run for the Son.

In short, without general donations, there would be no CMA Support Center/International Headquarters.  There would be no Iron Mountain.  General donations provide for the lights/water/upkeep of our facilities. They also provide for the support personnel that serves at the home office.


Here are some of the areas funded by donations to the general fund at a minimum Seven Soldier level:

·          Provide a HeartBeat subscription for one new member for 4 months

·         Process seven Member Training questionnaires/applications

·         Provide support for seven phone calls to or from CMA members

·         Ship seven orders within one day of receipt

·         Issue one chapter charter

·         Communicate with two CMA International forming nations

·         Provide 88 hours of online access to CMA’s website

·         Mowing/weed eating for four campsites

·         Ministry to four people via phone, mail, email


Do you have a smartphone?


Boy do I have something for you!

Introducing the very first CMA phone app! 


The app will let you send an email to your secretary reporting on your ministry activities right when you're there!

For a video demo, check out


Jesus Film Project app

About the Jesus Film Project App:

One of the most compelling ways for someone to meet Jesus is to see him and hear him in your own language. That’s what the Jesus Film Project App is all about. We’ve translated a host of videos into more than 1,600 languages, and they’re all here.


The goal: Have the Jesus Film Project library of media available in every language of the world, on any device. This app is designed to be the tool that can equip anyone, anywhere to introduce people they love to Jesus.

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