How you can donate to

run for the son...

Being a part of our run for the son efforts is easy and rewarding...

CMA National is a 501c3 organization.  If you would like to receive a tax deduction for your donation, please donate through our national website (link below).  If you are donating in person, just let us know you'd like a receipt!    



Find us at one of our events... we will gladly accept donations to Run for the Son!  We will apply it to our chapter's total for the current RFS year.


Visit our national website and donate there.  Click on the Run for the Son icon and make your donation.  Note CHAPTER 19 on your donation.  Find it here...



Email anyone from our leadership team and discuss how you can be a part of this year's Run for the Son efforts.  You can find their info on our About Us page.
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